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How the CS FREE Can Be Used with Solar Panels

Imagine that you decide to go camping out in a remote area. You're driving through the woods and thats when your car battery decides to die. You're in the middle of nowhere and have no cell service. Usually, this wouldn't be an ideal situation to be placed in, but luckily you've came prepared. You decided to make an investment in CTEK's revolutionary 4 in 1 portable charger CS FREE. Using CS FREE with adaptive booster you can be in the middle of nowhere and be able to charge your dead batteries.

Even if you forgot to charge the CS FREE before you went on your excursion, there is still no need to worry. The CS FREE has a solar panel charge kit that lets you recharge the internal battery using just the solar power. You can also use it to power the CS FREE without connecting to a power outlet, so you can charge and maintain your battery wherever you are. The CTEK solar panel attachment pairs perfectly with the CS FREE. It delivers fast, reliable solar power that safely charges all types of 12V lead-acid and lithium batteries.

Solar Panel Kit

The CS FREE is made from super-tough fiberglass, you just have to unfold it and connect it to your CS FREE in seconds, giving you the ultimate freedom from power outlets.

You can also charge up portable tech like smartphones, pads, and laptops, even when you’re nowhere near a power outlet. The CTEK CS FREE solar charging accessory features intelligent and efficient silicon cells with a safety box.The kit delivers exact right amount of power to your battery to protect your battery and devices from excess voltage.


Some features of the CS FREE solar panel attachment are; Ultimate freedom from power outlets. Recharges CS FREE in one hour. It's tough, waterproof, and weather-resistant, lightweight and portable. It comes with a carrying case with adjustable kickstand for flexible 180° positioning.

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If you want to take the worry out of all your remote adventures, invest in the CS FREE and other accessories! If you want to learn more or have any questions contact us for more information!