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Get ready for a seamless start to the school semester with CTEK CS FREE, your ultimate back-to-school vehicle savior!



As summer winds down, families across the country gear up for the back-to-school season. After a long break and possible vacations vehicles may have been sitting idle for extended periods. Ensuring a smooth start to the school semester and keeping cars running efficiently can be a challenge. Thankfully, CTEK's CS FREE battery charger with adaptive boost comes to the rescue, providing families with a reliable solution for a seamless transition back to school. 

Following a summer of limited use, many vehicles may experience weakened or dead batteries, causing stress and disruption to daily routines. The CS FREE has dedicated functions to revive weak batteries, offering a quick and efficient charge, ensuring vehicles start without any hiccups on the first day of school. And did you know that regularly charging your battery can extend battery life by up to three times – saving time and money. 

But what happens if you do jump into the car on the first day back and find you have a dead battery? The CS FREE has an Adaptive Boost feature, that can safely get you going from a dead battery within 15 minutes – saving the day and preventing a school run disaster. 

Safety is a top priority as families prepare for the new school year. The CS FREE is also a power bank, allowing parents and children to charge their devices on the go, ensuring they are always connected and prepared for unexpected situations. 

As the back-to-school season approaches, rely on CTEK's CS FREE smart charger for a stress-free transition. From reviving a dead battery to maintaining optimal battery health, the CS FREE provides the ideal solution for busy families. With its adaptive boost function and power bank capabilities, parents can trust their vehicles to be reliable and ready for any situation. Say goodbye to morning car troubles with the CS FREE and get set for a successful school semester with CTEK!