Five Signs of a Dead or Dying Battery –
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Five Signs of a Dead or Dying Battery

We've all been there: you go to leave the house or end your workday and your car won't start. Most drivers don't notice the warning signs until they get the dreaded click click click of a dead battery.

selecting the proper CTEK charger


Fortunately, there are some signs you can look for to give you a heads up that your battery is on its last legs. 

The Age of a Battery

The biggest indicator of a dying battery is its age. Unless you are regularly using a CTEK smart battery charger, your battery is going to last around five years. (A CTEK charger can extend the life of your battery 2-3 times). If your vehicle is operating in extreme conditions, such as hot and cold temperatures, short trips, and other factors, this can age your battery even quicker. 

If your battery is approaching the end of its recommended life, you should replace it when it's convenient for you, not when you're stranded somewhere or late for work.

More Effort to Start

When you try to start your car, does it seem to take a little more to turn over the engine? If the battery is struggling to start the car, it usually means that is low on power. You may get a few more starts out of your weak battery, but are you willing to gamble that it will start in the middle of a storm or a dark parking lot? 

When the car starts becoming harder to start, now is the time to get the battery checked and replaced, if that is the problem. 

Warning Lights

There are so many lights on the dashboard now, it can be easy to overlook or ignore one more. However, if your battery or check engine light comes on, you should have your vehicle checked.

Take it to a trusted mechanic and they can tell you what the light means. You may be saving yourself some stress and inconvenience later.

Swollen Battery

We mentioned extreme temperatures above, but those temperatures can also provide you with a very obvious visual clue. The battery case will begin to swell and bulge, signifying that it is about to die.

You can quickly and easily see this just by opening the hood and taking a peek. If your battery is bulging, you need to replace it as soon as possible. Make sure to wear gloves and eye protection when handling the battery.

Something Stinks

Cars can have all kinds of odors: plastic, hot metal, exhaust, and more. However, if you are smelling something like rotten eggs, you may have a bad battery. If the battery is leaking, you will smell the sulfuric acid that is coming out.

The leaking battery needs to be replaced as soon as possible. The acid can injure you and damage your vehicle, aside from not being able to start your vehicle. 

CTEK Chargers Can Help

A CTEK charger can tell you the health of your battery, in addition to charging and conditioning it. We have a wide variety of chargers, so you'll be able to choose one that fits your vehicle and needs. 

Make sure your car has a healthy battery and keep it that way with a CTEK smartcharger. Check out our line of products or contact us to learn more about all the benefits of a CTEK smartcharger. To find out which CTEK charger is right for your vehicle, use our Charger Selection Tool.