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Ensure a Smooth Festival Experience with CTEK's CS FREE® Portable Charger

CS FREE festival

If you're planning to attend festivals like Coachella, Stagecoach, or the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in Indio, Calif., CTEK, the global leader in vehicle charging solutions, advises some forward thinking to avoid the frustration of a dead battery on your journey back home.

The CS FREE® by CTEK is a remarkable multi-functional device that combines four state of the art products into one portable unit: Adaptive Boost safe start, battery charger, smart maintainer, and high-tech power bank. Unlike conventional chargers, the award-winning CS FREE employs groundbreaking Adaptive Boost technology to deliver a gentle and secure charge, providing enough power to start a dead battery within just 15 minutes.

Bobbie DuMelle, President of CTEK North America, acknowledges that dead batteries are a common issue at festivals. With tens or even hundreds of thousands of festival-goers attempting to leave the site after the festivities, being stranded due to a non-starting car can lead to lengthy waits for roadside assistance, considering the heavy festival traffic. DuMelle explains, "It's certainly not the ideal ending when all you want is to hit the road and head home."

To ensure a hassle-free festival experience and prevent a disappointing finale, CTEK offers the following top tips:

Understand battery drain factors:

Be aware of what can drain your battery during the festival. Even when your car is turned off, the battery continues to power devices like the clock, radio, and alarm system. Additionally, if you park near your tent, the keyless entry key fob may still attempt to establish a connection, drawing further power. Opening doors or the trunk triggers interior and door lights, which can deplete the battery. Playing the radio or using vehicle audio systems also contributes to power consumption. Charging your phone or other devices from the car can drain more power than you realize, especially when you lack access to a power source.

Charge your battery before departure:

Ensure your battery is fully charged and in optimal condition before leaving home. Merely driving around will only charge the battery to approximately 80% capacity. To achieve a complete charge, it's essential to use an efficient battery charger like the CTEK CS FREE. By connecting it to a power supply or another power source, the CS FREE intelligently assesses the battery's charge level and ensures a full charge for your journey. This step becomes crucial when traveling in a motorhome or any vehicle not regularly used. Stationary vehicles can lose 0.1V of energy every month, and the loss may be even greater if your parked vehicle operates an alarm system, onboard computer, or remote locking.

Carry a portable charger:

The CTEK CS FREE is the ideal companion for festival-goers. This innovative portable battery charger is compatible with all types of batteries and guarantees a safe start in case of battery failure. Simply charge the CS FREE before departing, and if you find yourself stranded, it will utilize patented adaptive boost technology to provide a gentle and secure charge, getting you back on the road within 15 minutes. Unlike traditional boosters or jump starters that deliver a sudden burst of power, potentially damaging sensitive equipment, the CS FREE prioritizes your vehicle's electronics' safety. Moreover, the CS FREE features USB-A and USB-C ports, enabling you to charge your mobile phone, PC, tablet, camera, and other devices while you're away. An optional, easily transportable folding solar panel is available to replenish the CS FREE's power in remote locations without access to the power grid.

Avoid running the engine:

Avoid the temptation to start the car and run the engine in an attempt to recharge the battery, as this can lead to more harm than good. Not only does it have negative implications for the environment, but starting the car itself consumes a significant amount of battery power. Running the engine for an extended period would be necessary for the alternator to replenish this charge, which is both time-consuming and wasteful, especially considering the soaring gas prices.

Enjoy yourself!

Lastly, have a great time! By following these battery care tips from CTEK, you can fully immerse yourself in the festivities without worrying about battery issues.