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CTEK Salutes Automotive Service Professionals

auto workshop technicians charging batteries with CTEK professional productsIn garages and workshops across the nation, automotive service professionals are on the frontline of ensuring the vehicles Americans depend upon are running smoothly. At CTEK, we salute those dedicated workers during 2020’s National Automotive Service Professionals Week.

Created by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) in 2001 as National Automotive Service Professionals Day, the celebration was expanded to an entire week in 2005.

The week is designed to “honor the commitment and dedication of automotive, truck and collision technicians, along with parts specialists and support professionals who serve the motoring public.”

Batteries are the No. 1 cause of vehicle breakdowns

At CTEK, we know that automotive service professionals understand battery problems. Research shows flat or faulty batteries are the No. 1 cause of vehicle breakdowns.

Today’s vehicles are more sophisticated than ever. A Ford F150 truck has nearly 130 million additional lines of code than an F-35 fighter jet. In 1969, Apollo 11 got to the moon and back on 4 kilobytes of data while today more than 4.1 billion kilobytes are needed for the average car to run Saturday errands.

Modern vehicles are computers on wheels, and as the complexity of electronic systems increases, battery maintenance and support have become critical elements of any service.

In 2013, a CTEK survey found 25 percent of all vehicles brought to a shop for service had batteries in need of attention. A follow-up survey in 2018 showed that number had jumped to 51 percent.

That places millions of vehicles at risk of battery failure during a standard vehicle service and is something that can severely affect workshop efficiency, reputation, and profit.

CTEK offers professional products

To help automotive service professionals best serve their customers, CTEK has an entire line of professional products and accessories

From the hardworking PRO25S, PRO25SE and CTEK PRO Battery Tester to accessories designed for workshop efficiency, like the Wall Hanger 300 and the CTEK Trolley Pro, CTEK has the products workshops need to support vehicle batteries.

Much like the ASE, we at CTEK recognize that automotive service professionals are skilled individuals with the training, education, experience, and dedication necessary to properly diagnose and repair today’s sophisticated vehicles. 

We thank them for their hard work and take time to recognize them during 2020’s Automotive Service Professionals Week.