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CTEK’s Tony Zeal takes to the airwaves

CTEK’s Global Training Manager Tony Zeal was invited onto Mike Herzing’s weekly ‘Let’s Talk Wheels national auto and classic car podcast recently, to talk about battery care and maintenance.

Mike was particularly interested to hear how CTEK battery chargers not only look after vehicle batteries, but can also extend their life by up to three times. Tony took the opportunity to explain the value of regular battery maintenance, and how CTEK’s unique ‘special sauce’ charging and maintenance algorithms make sure batteries are always 95-100% fully charged quickly, safely and easily.

Mike’s weekly podcast is broadcast nationwide and gives his huge audience all the news, reviews and tips from around the automotive industry. He’s been in the industry himself for over 50 years, running his own automotive repair shop and then as President of the Texas Auto Writers Association. Mike has also been a certified Automotive Technology instructor since 2013.

Mike said: “If you’re looking for a good battery charger and you want to take care of your car, check out the folks from CTEK – they’re really great!”

You can hear Tony’s interview in the player below and you can catch up with all of the ‘Let’s Talk Wheels’ podcasts on Sportsmapradio, Audioboom and Apple Podcasts.