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CTEK CS FREE® rates high with influencer Donslife


Canadian YouTube channel Donslife has an exciting focus on the automotive industry, where he tests and reviews numerous products, and he recently reviewed the CTEK CS FREE®.

The CS FREE® is the world’s first truly portable battery charger, maintainer and adaptive booster. In fact, it’s actually a 4-in-1 portable unit – Adaptive Booster (safe start from a flat battery), smart maintainer, battery charger and hi-tech power bank. Adaptive boost is the safest and smartest way to power up a flat battery and makes sure that you are ready to get going again in only fifteen minutes.

When talking specifically about the Adaptive Boost function Donslife says, “You might be asking yourself why I’d use something fancy like this when I already have a booster at home, or I could jump start it off somebody else’s vehicle, or I could jump start it off a donor. Well, those are all ways that you can get a car started but jump starting like that actually causes harm over time to your vehicle battery, and you are slowly killing your battery”.

It is especially important to charge your battery during the winter season when the weather is freezing, because the low temperatures can have a negative effect on your battery. The battery performance can be reduced by 35% in freezing conditions; therefore, a reliable charger is essential.

Don continues, “I typically use the CS FREE® if I know the battery isn’t charged enough to start the vehicle, especially in these cold conditions that we have, or maybe I have left something on that has drained the battery. The charger is going to analyze the battery and then start to distribute just the right amount of power that it needs, to bring it up to a level where I can safely start the vehicle”.

Used as a smart maintainer plugged into a mains power supply, the CS FREE® will make sure that your battery will stay in top condition anywhere you go. If you are going off-grid, you can also choose to charge your battery with the separate solar panel kit.

So as the cold weather strikes – make sure you have a CS FREE® to keep you moving – it’s the ultimate emergency kit! And don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the full video from Donslife here.