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Hard to Reach Battery? Make it Easy With the CTEK COMFORT CONNECT INDICATOR EYELET

With being on the go becoming more and more frequent, and with the summer months nearly here, knowing you have access to your batteries is even more important. This holds true for your powersport vehicles, lawn mowers, and automotive applications. With this in mind, you can make staying permanently connected to all of these batteries with the CTEK COMFORT CONNECT INDICATOR EYELET. Created for hard to reach batteries, and batteries that are difficult to reach with clamps, you can connect the COMFORT CONNECT INDICATOR EYELET and know when it is time to charge, and take care of charging with one accessory.

Use to CTEK COMFORT CONNECT INDICATOR EYELET to permanently connect to your jet ski battery

Compatible With a Multitude of CTEK Battery Chargers

Easily connect your power sports battery or automotive battery to the INDICATOR EYELET and you can use your CTEK battery chargers. The INDICATOR EYELET is designed to fit UC 800MULTI US 3300MULTI US 7002US 0.8MUS 4.3MXS 5.0Lithium US, and CT5 Time To Go battery chargers. The eyelets on this accessory are designed for permanent installation with a direct connection to the battery. Using an indicator like a stoplight, using green, yellow, and red: 

Green: means the battery voltage is more than 12.65 V. No charging is required. 

Yellow: means the battery voltage is between 12.4 and 12.65 V. Charging should occur soon.

Red: means the battery voltage is below 12.4 V. It is time to connect your CTEK charger and charge your battery. 

Use the CTEK COMFORT CONNECT INDICATOR EYELET to permanently connect to your automobile

Check Your Voltage and Charge Powersport and Automotive Vehicles 

No matter what vehicle battery you need to monitor and charge, be it a powersport battery or an automotive battery, the CTEK COMFORT CONNECT INDICATOR EYELET has you covered. There are two INDICATOR EYELET models. One for powersport applications, and one for automotive applications. Each INDICATOR EYELET features an extended cable length of 19.6 inches to give you plenty of length to reach any hard to get to battery. 

Be prepared and informed this summer for all of your vehicles. Once you have your INDICATOR EYELET accessory installed, you will always have peace of mind knowing your indicator light will provide the information you require and you can charge whenever the need arises.