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CTEK Bumpers Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Are you finished with all of your holiday shopping? Have you already purchased a CTEK Gift Set? Do you need just a few more stocking stuffers for a friend or family member? What better gift to give a motor enthusiast than CTEK accessories. We have numerous accessories that will work perfectly with CTEK Smart Chargers including our various bumpers, brackets, and wall hanger.  These items will add a special touch to any CTEK fans particularly if you are already gifting them a brand new smart charger this holiday!

Let's start with our CTEK bumpers. These products are a necessary part of keeping our smart chargers and vehicles safe. In fact, these silicon rubber cases protect the charger from being damaged by the hard surfaces of the vehicle. Likewise, they protect the vehicle's paint from getting damaged from accidental falls and movements as well. In other words, purchase a CTEK bumper today in order to protect two very important items.

Bumper Types

Bumper 300

There are several bumper types to choose from. The size and functions of the actual smart charger will lead you to purchase the right bumper for your smart charging device. For instance, our 40-057 bumper is designed to fit the US 0.8 and the UC 800 6V batter chargers. On the other hand, our Bumper 300 is specifically designed to fit the MUS 25000 and the MXS 25EC chargers. This particular bumper has a 2 year warranty and fits snugly around the body of your CTEK charger.Furthermore, it includes a robust handle that is integrated around your charger for extra gripping measures.

Bumper 56-915

There's more though. Bumper 56-915 can fit several smart chargers including MUS 4.3, MXS 5.0, Lithium US, CT5 Time to Go, and CT5 Powersport battery chargers. Lastly CTEK's Bumper 40-058 is designed to fit all MULTI US 7002 and MURS 7.0 smart chargers. Ultimately, a bumper that fits your specific charger should be easy to find. At CTEK, we are all about maximizing battery life and creating high quality products.

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If you need more ideas for stocking stuffers this year, check out all of our Accessories. We can make all of your CTEK dreams come true. Our Mounting Bracket and Wall Hanger are excellent last minute gift ideas. These accessories guarantee a more versatile charging experience. Why not take extra great care of all of CTEK products?

To learn more about CTEK and how we want to end this tumultuous year on a high note, take a look at our 2020 Holiday Giveaway. We want to bring more 'spark' into your year just as we do with your vehicles.