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CTEK Best Of The Best

Best In Review

According to a Chicago Tribune review over battery chargers, CTEK smart chargers are the 'best of the best'. We at CTEK refer to our products as 'smart' chargers as this review elaborates on. As mentioned in the review, there are three types of battery charges: manual, trickle, and smart.  However, it is only CTEK's smart chargers that received excellent reviews. Better yet, one of the best benefits of owning a smart charger compared to a trickle battery charger is that it can work on lithium-ion batteries, hence, the smart element of this product. 

Other benefits of the smart charger is its ability to tell when the batteries are fully charged. Following this system, the smart charger will automatically turn off by itself. This is a significant convenience for the owners of this quality smart charger. Ultimately, CTEK chargers will never overcharge, and are super fast chargers.

More Pros

Some more pros of purchasing CTEK car chargers mentioned in the review include: 

  • shockproof and dust proof
  • includes temperature sensor that compensates for environmental factors
  • microprocessor that analyzes and reconditions to extend working life 

CTEK smart charger

Celebrate Charge Your Car Day and CONTACT US

In addition to getting an excellent review from a credible source, CTEK is celebrating its annual Charge Your Car Day. In fact, check out the video below that interviews Will McGreevy of K2 Motorcars on how they utilize CTEK batteries for all of their clients and their motor vehicles:

Try out one of our smart chargers today so you can start taking care of your car sooner than later. Also, check out our testimonials page to get some insight into what our smart chargers can do for you.