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CS FREE is Perfect for Boaters

Whether it be land or sea, CS FREE is prefect for anyone that labels themself an outdoorsman. CS FREE can be taken everywhere. When space is limited CS FREE is small enough to be stored just about anywhere, but it packs a 12V power bank, so it will have enough power for when you need it the most. 


Made for the Outdoors

The CS FREE battery is perfect for anyone looking to go out in nature. CS FREE, Unlike most chargers, is sensitive to the state of the battery and supplies just enough charge to get the vehicle started. It avoids damaging the battery or any electronics you decide to use. So if you're in a sticky situation you don't have to worry about a jump start that might completely overload your battery. 

Works When You're in a Pinch 

Let's say that you have some bad luck and your CS FREE is completely dead from a previous use and you're in the middle of a remote area. There is no need to worry. The CS FREE battery has a solar panel attachment. So you could be in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery, and you'd still be able get the power that you need. 


You don't even have to worry if the CS FREE is compatible with your particular battery. CS FREE works with all types of 12V lead-acid and lithium batteries. This state of the art battery can even charge all the tech that you decide bring with you. CS FREE comes with USB-C and USB-A outlets to charge laptops, smartphones and tablets.


The CS FREE is made for the worst conditions, so its perfect to take on a boat. It has a new ergonomic design and tough, durable case and comes with a two-year “peace of mind” warranty. 

Learn More 

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