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Cross Country Motorcycle Trip? Sure Thing With the CTEK CS FREE

This is the time of year that motorcycle enthusiasts all over the country are taking in the freedom and independence of cross country trips. The type of trip that is built for those with endurance and a sense of adventure. One truth about cross country trips? They often come with unexpected (not always pleasant) surprises. One such circumstance? A dead battery. The good news is now, the dreaded dead battery does not have to slow you, or the group you travel with, down! Introducing the CTEK CS FREE. Four cutting edge products in one portable unit – Adaptive Booster, battery charger, smart maintainer, and hi-tech power bank.

The Power To Go Wherever You Are

Take your next cross country journey with the CTEK CSFREE

As we already mentioned, cross country trips require freedom, and independence. With that in mind, you now have the CS FREE which provides you with the power to go wherever you are! This first of its kind product is built to be four products in one: 

  • Adaptive Booster: Adaptive Boost works out the safest way to power up your flat battery to get you going within 15 minutes.
  • Battery Charger: Use it as a portable charger to top up your battery, connect to a power outlet, or hook up to a solar panel kit or 12V battery for complete charging freedom anywhere you go. 
  • Smart Maintainer keeps your battery in peak condition at home or off-grid. 
  • Hi-tech Power Bank tops up your laptops, smartphones, tablets, and cameras whenever you need it. 

Multiple Ways to Charge the CS FREE Internal Battery

The CTEK CSFREE is multi-functional portable charging with revolutionary Adaptive Boost technology.

Another benefit you will have while out on the open road, is the ability to charge your CS FREE internal battery in multiple ways. This really gives you the freedom to go anywhere without worry. You can charge by:

With various options to charge your CS FREE, you are no longer tied to a power outlet only. Once your CS FREE internal battery is charged, it has a shelf life of one year! 

Keep Your Battery Safe With Adaptive Boost

If you are on a trip and find your motorcycle with a flat battery, the CS FREE will keep your battery safe. Unlike giving a vehicle a “jump” adaptive boost provides with correct amount of power. It works out the safest way to power up your flat battery to get you going within 15 minutes. There is absolutely no danger of damaging your battery, getting you quickly and safely back on the road to enjoy your journey. 

As you plan your next road trip or cross country trek, take the CS FREE along. Having peace of mind will really allow you to enjoy what you are out there for: the sights, the sounds, and the adventure!