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CTEK's Comfort Connect System Makes Charging Easier


Our chargers are used by many people around the world in a variety of different applications. Everyone uses their charger in a slightly different way depending on where they are and what vehicle they are charging. CTEK has a wide range of accessories for your convenience. Our goal is to provide you accessories for ease of charging in any situation. 

Every CTEK Charger comes with clamp leads for a quick connection to the battery as well as eyelet leads for a more permanent connection if the battery is difficult to access.

CTEK’s easy-fit Comfort Connect system ensures both the clamp leads and eyelet leads can be connected with ease. The Comfort Connect system also allows any CTEK charger to seamlessly connect to a wide array of additional CTEK accessories, each sold separately.

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All CTEK chargers with output of up to 7A are supplied with our custom quick connector, Comfort Connect. There are several other smart accessories that are designed to integrate with Comfort Connect, to make battery care easier.

Comfort Connect-Eyelet is a handy accessory designed for permanent installation with a direct connection to the battery. It enables you to charge batteries that are in hard to reach places or where using clamps is inconvenient or impossible. Comfort Connect-Eyelet is splash proof and dust proof. Comes packaged with all CTEK chargers up to 7A and is available in eyelet 3 size versions M6, M8 and M10. 15.7 inch cable length.

Comfort Connect – Cig Plug is an easy to fit adapter that allows charging from a CTEK charger through a 12V cigarette lighter or accessory socket. 15.7 inch cable length. Compatible with all CTEK chargers up to 7A.

Comfort Connect – Cig Socket is a useful accessory that increases the usage of the CTEK Comfort Connect battery connector. When the COMFORT CONNECT - Cig Socket has been connected, it allows you to provide power to and/or charge your GPS, mobile phones, heated clothing, etc. 3 ft. cable length.

Comfort Connect – Extension Cable is a handy extension cable that allows any CTEK charger output lead to be extended by an additional 8.2 ft. for extended ease of use with all CTEK accessories such as clamps or quick connectors (Comfort Connect). Handy when vehicle or battery is further away from the AC outlet than fitted output cable allows. 8.2 Ft cable length.

Comfort Connect-Plug Adapter allows older (pre 2008) models of CTEK chargers to be compatible with the ’new generation’ accessories. Just connect to the CTEK charger fitted with the ’old style’ connector and the unit immediately becomes ready for use with all of our modern Comfort Connect and Comfort Indicator accessories. Cable length 4.7 inches.


Use of the CTEK Comfort Indicator is a simple way to connect and monitor the charge voltage of your battery. All Comfort Indicator products utilize a simple ‘traffic light’ system to show the battery’s charge level so that you can know when to charge your battery to avoid no start situations and helps you to keep your battery charged to extend battery life.

  • RED means the battery charge is below 12.4V and it’s definitely time to charge your battery NOW.
  • YELLOW means that the battery charge is between 12.4 and 12.65V and it’s time to start thinking about charging your battery
  • GREEN means that your battery charge is at 12.65V or above and is in fine shape, no need to charge.

Note: the most accurate battery voltage reading comes about 2-3 hours after you have used your vehicle and the Comfort Indicator will not recognize battery voltage under 3V. 

Comfort Indicator – Eyelet designed for permanent installation with a direct connection to the battery. For use with CTEK chargers, it enables you to charge batteries that are in hard to reach places or where using clamps is inconvenient or impossible. Should charging be required, plug in your CTEK charger and charge the battery. Extended cable length 19.6 inches

Comfort Indicator-Cig Plug is a combined quick connector and battery voltage indicator. Perfect for checking battery status and charging the battery through the vehicle 12V accessory socket. Suitable for all 12V CTEK chargers up to 7A. Comfort Indicator – Cig Plug is a universal model that fits both 12mm and 21mm sockets.

Comfort Indicator – Clamp easy to use with multiple vehicles, ideal for workshops and vehicle showrooms. Should a need for charging be indicated, simply remove the cap from the unit and a compatible CTEK charger can be plugged in to restore the battery to fully charged status. Cable length 59 inches for ease of use.

Comfort Indicator – Pigtail offers a way to adapt the commonly used two pin SAE connector cable for use with CTEK Comfort Connect products. 

Comfort Indicator – Panel comes in 3 different variations for ease of application and is designed to be mounted into any flat surface by creating a rectangular access hole (location/sizing template included). Rectangular mounting hole size – 21mm x 36.8mm (Large rocker switch panel compatible). Available in two cable lengths and Flat Pin connector version for custom applications.