Car Battery Prices Increasing, But Charging Extends Battery Life –
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Car Battery Prices Increasing, But Charging Extends Battery Life

The cost of car batteries is on the rise, which means investing in a CTEK battery charger is a smart decision.

Car battery under the hood of a vehicle

Less Driving Means More Dead Batteries

The car battery industry has been hit by a laundry list of woes. With COVID-19 restrictions, many drivers found themselves traveling less or staying home altogether.

Lead Demand Has Risen

As a result, drivers are finding their parked cars now have dead batteries. According to The Economic Times, this has driven up prices and demand for lead-acid car batteries as well as the lead required to produce them.

Investing News reported lead also was needed for industrial batteries which were “essential for backup power at hospitals, data centers, telecommunications companies, and other critical infrastructure.”

Shipping Delays & Worker Shortages Hurt Supply Chain

Lead demand coupled with international shipping delays and worker shortages has put additional strain on the lead-acid battery supply.

All this for an industry that was already seeing an increase in prices prior to COVID-19.

Technology Demands Mean Batteries Cost More


Consumer Reports noted the average price of a car battery is now $156. Part of the reason is a shift toward AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries.


AGM batteries can handle the demands of today’s electronic-heavy vehicles - which often have stop-start ignitions - better than a more traditional lead-acid battery.

Rising battery costs, an in-demand lead supply, shipping delays, and a global pandemic means there’s never been a better time to regularly charge your car batteries.

Charging With CTEK Extends Battery Life

Charging your car battery helps break up sulfation, the leading cause of a dead battery. Regularly charging can extend your battery’s life by nearly 3 times.

Considering replacing your battery three times can cost approximately $468, regular charging is the smart money choice.

CTEK’s popular MXS 5.0 battery charger is safe, non-sparking and easy to use. The MXS 5.0 offers a unique eight-step approach to battery care.

The MXS 5.0 works on all types of lead-acid 12V batteries (WET, EFB, MF, CA/CA, AGM and GEL) and comes with a five-year warranty. All-in-one battery care kits featuring the MXS 5.0 also are available.

October is Car Care Month, and there’s never been a better time to make car battery charging a regular part of your car maintenance routine.