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Benefits Of The CT5 Powersport For Power Sport Vehicles

 Benefit: Power Sport Vehicles

wave runner power sport vehicles

What are some of the benefits of the CT5 Powersport Smart Charger especially for power sport vehicles? There is a lot to mention. In fact, there are so many power sport vehicles to speak of, the benefits are endless. Firstly, what types of vehicles would be considered power sport? Here are a few: motorcycles, ATV's, jet skis, wave runners, snow mobiles, and the list goes on!

In fact, this versatile charger can be used for all power sport vehicles! Afterall, when it comes to power sport vehicles, their owners love to play-whether in the snow, water, or racing on land.  So how can we take care of these sports vehicles when we are not using them? By keeping the batteries charged, of course! Specifically, it is important to take care of batteries in sports vehicles because we do not typically use them all year long.  Therefore, it is essential we use proper methods to keep our batteries safe!

Benefit: Multi-faceted 

Benefits CT5 Power Sports

Our CT5 Power Sport smart charger is multi-faceted. For example, we all know that power sport vehicles use a variety of battery types. Better yet, our CT5 can connect to all sport vehicles and battery types. Whether your vehicle uses a conventional battery, an AGM sealed battery, an AGM factory battery, or a Lithium charged battery; the CT5 smart charger can keep any of these safe during off seasons. In fact, according to PR Newswire, "For decades, lead acid batteries have been the standard for motorcycles, jet skis, ATVs and snowmobiles, but as lithium technology develops, more and more riders are making the switch. The smart design of CTEK's CT5 POWERSPORT 12-volt battery charger has dedicated functions for both lead acid and lithium (LiFePo4, Li-Fe, Li-iron, LFP)".

Therefore, whether your power sport's vehicle uses a more conventional battery, or you chose a lithium technology battery, CTEK's high powered CT5 Powersport smart charger can help you solve your charging needs!

 Benefit: Ease of Usability

CTEK CT5 Power Sport

Considering the CT5 Power sport, there are several benefits when it comes to the ease of usability. In other words, this smart charger has many 'smart' benefits. For instance, the error light lets you know if the chords have been incorrectly connected. Furthermore, the error light will tell you if the battery is so far gone, it will not charge. This benefit alone may save you hours! Additionally, this smart charger will not over charge your battery like other similar products. Because power sport vehicles can be excessively used, and then sit for weeks at a time, the usability factor is very helpful. Along with these benefits, the cords on this smart charger will pick up discharge issues. In other words, the fuse connector will keep the battery safe while saving your smart charger too! Lastly, this smart charger comes with desulfation programming. What does this mean? This programming will automatically clear the battery of unnecessary sulphates while continuing to charge it. All of these attributes help with the ease of use.

Benefit: Guaranteed Quality

We at CTEK guarantee the quality of our products. For one, we offer a five year warranty for the CT5 Powersport. Secondly, "CTEK customer support is [always]available to answer any questions related to charging and CTEK chargers." Take a look at the product brochure for specific details on the various charging mechanisms on this device.  We want to guarantee that our customers have all of the right tools to keep their Power Sport vehicles safe during the off-season, or during any length of 'off' time.  Furthermore, check out this video review for all things CT5 related.

 Ultimately, our new Power Sport smart charger will do great things for your power sport's vehicle!