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Batteries By the Numbers: Facts & Figures

Jumpstart your battery knowledge with these car battery facts and figures.


The year the lead-acid battery was invited by French physicist Gaston Plante.

100 million

The number of auto batteries replaced annually in the United States.


The year the Hudson Motor Car Company became the first to use a standardized battery in an automobile.

3 million 

The number of CTEK battery chargers sold since the company’s initiation in 1997.


The percentage of lead-acid batteries recycled. Car batteries are the world’s most recycled product.

4 to 8 

The number of patented charging and maintenance stages CTEK battery chargers use to maximize the life of a battery.

The total number of battery-powered Lunar Roving Vehicles on the moon. The "moon buggies" were left by NASA astronauts on the Apollo 15, 16 and 17 missions.


The February date celebrated as “National Battery Day.”


The number of 2.1-volt cells connected in a series to form a standard 12-volt battery.


The percentage of lead-acid battery failure caused by sulfation, a buildup of lead sulfate crystals that occurs when a battery is deprived of a full charge.

27.8 million

The number of automobiles produced in China, the world’s top automobile manufacturing company. (By comparison, the United States produces 11.3 million automobiles annually.)

Top 100 

Professional Tool and Equipment News voted CTEK’s Multi US 7002 as one of its Top 100 Most Wanted Products.


The average weight, in pounds, of a 12-volt car battery.

4 to 6

The average lifespan, in years, of a lead-acid car battery. A CTEK battery charger can help extend a battery’s lifespan.


The number of AA batteries Popular Mechanics estimated it would theoretically take to jump-start a typical midsize car.