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An easy life with CS FREE®


Jumper cables, booster, powerbank… all of these have wires and cables, right? Are you having a constant problem with devices and cables that tangle? This is not going to be a problem with CTEK CS FREE®. It is four products in one portable unit, making your life easier and tangle free. You don’t need several devices that take up space in your car and leave you with messy wires and cables – with the CS FREE®, you will have a more organized trunk!

As well as making your life easier, it will be cost effective too! You don’t need to buy four separate devices, instead you only have to buy one that does all of the job for you. It will actually cost you less than buying four different products. The CS FREE® is everything your car battery will ever need. Use it for easier, simpler and cost-effective motoring.

The CS FREE® is actually a portable charger for powering up your vehicle battery, a hi-tech power bank, a smart maintainer and an adaptive booster. The CS FREE allows you to charge your 12V battery, charge your laptop or phone and boost your car battery when it has run out of charge. No matter where you are, in the city or off grid, the CS FREE® will always be of help.

Think of a scenario where you are left stranded on the road with a dead battery and nowhere near a power outlet. However, if you have the CS FREE® with you in the car, its extraordinary Adaptive Boost function enables you to safe-start your vehicle within only 15 minutes, without any risk of damaging the vehicle’s sensitive electronics.

This is particularly important during the winter season because your battery will be affected by the cold weather. The battery needs to work harder and your alternator might only charge your battery to 60%. That’s why it’s essential to always have a portable charger with you.