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AAA Predicts Record Fourth of July Travel: 70.9 Million Americans on the Move

AAA is forecasting a record-setting 70.9 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more this Fourth of July holiday, surpassing pre-pandemic levels. Of these travelers, an unprecedented 60.6 million are expected to hit the road by car. 

Preparing Your Vehicle for a Smooth Trip 

To avoid vehicle breakdowns, travelers need to ensure their cars are ready for the journey. According to global vehicle charging specialists, CTEK, short commutes or prolonged periods of inactivity can leave millions of motorists with severely discharged batteries, increasing the risk of breakdowns and long-term battery damage. 


CTEK’s CS FREE®: Your Road Trip Companion 

To keep your car battery fully charged for the Fourth of July road trip, CTEK’s CS FREE® offers four functions in one portable unit: a battery charger, an adaptive booster, a hi-tech power bank, and a smart maintainer. Here are some essential tips from CTEK to ensure a hassle-free road trip: 

  • Charge Before You Go 
    Before hitting the road, use the CS FREE® to fully charge your battery, especially if your vehicle has been idle or used only for short trips. Short urban trips drain the battery because the alternator doesn't have enough time to replenish the charge. A parked vehicle can also lose 0.1V of energy monthly, especially if it runs electronic systems like alarms or remote locking. 

    Even regular driving only charges your battery to about 80% capacity. To achieve a full charge, you need an efficient battery charger. Plug the CS FREE® into a power outlet or another power source, and it will check and fully charge your battery before your trip. 

  • Adaptive Boost for a Dead Battery 
    The portable CS FREE® ensures you never get stuck with a dead battery. Charge the CS FREE® before your trip, and it will hold its charge for up to a year. If you find yourself stranded, the CS FREE® uses patented adaptive boost technology to safely and gently recharge your battery in about 15 minutes, unlike traditional boosters that risk damaging vehicle electronics with a sharp power burst. 

  • Stay Connected 
    The CS FREE® doubles as a high-tech power bank with USB-A and USB-C ports, allowing you to charge mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and other devices on the road. This means you can avoid draining your vehicle’s battery, especially when parked or in traffic. 

  • Charge Smart 
    Regular battery maintenance can triple your battery’s lifespan. Charging your car battery at least once a month prevents failure and potential damage to vehicle electronics. Investing in a smart charger like the CS FREE® is a wise decision for maintaining your vehicle's health and reliability. 

Ensure your vehicle is road-ready and enjoy a worry-free Fourth of July trip with the peace of mind provided by CTEK’s innovative charging solutions. 


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