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CTEK Emerging Leader in EV with CTEK E-mobility

With CTEK being the global leader in battery care and battery management solutions it just seems fitting that we bring our decades of expertise as well as our technological innovations to the Electric Vehicle sector. CTEK acquired Scandinavia’s largest developer and producer of EV charging solutions and is dedicated to continuing to develop the safest and most effective EV charging solutions on the market today.

As the US expands quickly into the EV world, CTEK plans to bring its expertise and knowledge to the US as well.  Stay tuned to our news section for articles and information about our products as well as happenings from around the country in the Electric Vehicle (EV) market.

Keep tabs on what’s happening with CTEK’s E-mobility site for updates and product information: For more news and updates follow us on Facebook.

Electric Vehicle charging from CTEK E-mobility