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Wise winter storage for smooth spring start ups

With the fall now upon us, it’s time to think about putting your summer vehicles away for the winter.

If you’ve been enjoying the summer in a classic car or a sporty roadster, CTEK has some top tips to make sure your car battery stays in healthy over winter, ready for a smooth spring start.

2022 SEMA Builder #1 Ricardo Lopez

We had a conversation with the CTEK builders that are going to attend the SEMA show, these are their thoughts and ideas about SEMA and CTEK. First out is Ricardo Lopez.

Embrace a Healthy Battery: Charge Your Car Day Raises Awareness on Battery Health
Today, 5th of October 2022, is Charge Your Car Day, an annual event to remind every motorist of the importance of maintaining the health of the heart of your car – its battery. As many of us move away from the daily work commute to embrace a hybrid work model our vehicles are used less and less, increasing the rate of battery related breakdowns.  

How regular battery maintenance can save you money
Combat the rising cost of living with CTEK. With fuel prices and the general cost of living increasing rapidly, many drivers are looking at ways to save money and make their budgets stretch further.

Celebrate your vehicle battery this Charge Your Car Day!
Charge Your Car Day is an annual event that takes place on 5 October each year to remind every motorist of the importance of looking after their car battery.  

Don’t let short journeys damage your battery
According to a recent AAA fall travel survey, 73% of participants planned to go on vacation after Labor Day. Of those who plan to travel 82% noted they will travel by automobile. However, with fuel prices and the general cost of living increasing rapidly, many drivers are starting to think twice before hopping in the car on a regular basis, are maybe going out less often and, when they do, are taking shorter journeys. 

CTEK wins Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun Award
CTEK’s PRO25S professional workshop charger has won the maintenance support category award in the prestigious Goods Awards from Japan’s leading newspaper for the automotive industry, Nikkan Jidosha Shimbum.

CTEK Battery Care Kits Custom Designed for Builders
Company Urges Builders to Be Prepared Celebrating 25-years of battery management innovation, CTEK, a leading global brand in battery charging solu...

Don’t let summer be one big breakdown
Today’s motorist knows the importance of proper maintenance procedures on their vehicle in preparation for the winter months but may not realize they are placing their car at risk of breakdown during the summer months due to lack of vehicle maintenance, according to CTEK, the leading global brand in the care and maintenance of vehicle batteries. 

CTEK hits the airwaves with ‘Our Auto Expert’
CTEK’s Executive Vice President Bobbie DuMelle recently joined presenters on the popular Our Auto Expert radio show, which delivers auto news to around two million Americans, every day. 

Drivers are Keeping their Cars for 12+ Years
With rising new and used car prices and a shortage of cars at dealerships, research firm S&P Global Mobility recently reported that the average age of vehicles on U.S. roadways hit a record high of 12.2 years in 2021, increasing for the fifth straight year in a row. Interestingly, with drivers keeping their vehicles longer, CTEK, the leading global brand in battery charging, also found that drivers’ maintenance habits weren’t always on par to upkeep their vehicle’s headlights, tire pressure and brake checks — especially the often-overlooked car battery.

Top 10 things that drain your battery
A flat car battery can be annoying, but it can also be avoided. Today’s modern vehicles are packed with lots of power hungry technology and, if you couple this with a change to driving habits post-COVID, a flat battery is becoming more common than you think. Here CTEK, the leading global brand in vehicle charging solutions, lists the Top 10 things that could be draining and/or affecting the performance of your vehicle battery.