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Monsters on a Mission: A WOW Story!


What away to start out a testimonial letter, but that’s what is WOW!

Monsters on a Mission
have been fortunate to be able to use, Kinetik batteries and CTEK battery chargers for a few years, with absolute perfection with both products.  We have put these two products through more punishment in one weekend than most will do in a life time.

A brief description of Monsters on a Mission, we are a faith biased monster truck team with five monster trucks need I say more about normal wear and tear, ok I will.  Our trucks weight 10,000 lbs, have 1200-1400 horse power blown and injected methanol motors, the speed 0 to 60 is 2.2 seconds, but here is the big one “can jump 30 feet in a blink of an eye”. A 10,000 lb truck constantly jumping, landing, and pounding these incredible products. (more…)

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New CTEK MUS 4.3 Offers Next Generation Technology Features

(Twinsburg, OH) CTEK, the Smartest Battery Charger in the World, has released its new MUS 4.3 Battery Charger with state of the art technology features such as their full, eight step charging curve normally seen on CTEK’s professional products.


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Welcome To The World: New US 0.8 Battery Charger

The US 0.8 Charger joins the growing list of the Smartest Battery Chargers in the World, offers state of the art technology and can be used for charging smaller 12 V batteries such as those found in motorcycles, jet skis, ATVs and lawnmowers. It is also suitable for maintenance charging “normal-sized” batteries such as car batteries and uses a fully automatic, advanced six step charging and maintenance program that maximizes battery life and performance. (more…)

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Modern Battery Problems: Calcium/Calcium Premature End-of-Life

Batteries constantly improve, perform better and last longer. The 2010 BCI (Batteries Council International) study about “Failure modes from batteries removed from service” showed that since 1962 the average battery life has increased steadily, gaining about 11 days every year! This increased battery life has been utilized by battery manufacturers to increase the warranty.

This improved battery life has been achieved during the same time when battery maintenance for daily used cars is almost eliminated. Watering is history. The terminals are not affected by acid as in the past. What a hidden Success Story!
Anything that darkens the picture? Unfortunately, yes. The modern batteries are more sensitive to abuse, which affects the return rate. A recent study in Germany show that batteries returned simply because they are drained and difficult to recharge properly have increased dramatically.


The reasons for this increase are partly due to the car, partly due to the battery itself. The use of electronics in a modern car is sky-rocketing. The engineers call it “parasitic load” and it could be as harmful as it sounds. Leave your unattended for ten days at the airport, and you risk hearing just a “click” sound instead of your engine running. Batteries are therefore more often deep discharged than they were before the cars turned out to be your most expensive computer!
The other reason is inside the battery. The low water loss has been achieved by reducing the gassing through replacing the Antimony in the grid with Calcium. These so called Calcium/Calcium are great from most aspects. The water loss is reduced by more than 80%. The self discharge is reduced, which extends the shelf life in a store. Unfortunately they dislike being deep discharged.
The problem with Calcium/Calcium occurs when they are deep discharged. The reduced water loss on these batteries is gained by reducing the gassing during recharge. Unfortunately this gassing helps to mix the acid. As a result the Calcium/Calcium batteries very often experience stratification, i.e. uneven acid weight height wise. The acid weight could be 1.17 or lower at the top and 1.35 or higher in the bottom for a battery that seems fully charged. This could cause sulphation and grid corrosion, which leads to underused capacity and premature end-of-life.
The larger CTEK models have a unique RECOND mode for these batteries. The battery is fully charged with a normal charge cycle. After that the RECOND step kicks in, where:

1. The voltage is increased to 15.8V to get gassing and therefore mixing of the acid.
2. The current is decreased to control the gassing.
3. The time is computer controlled to 4h if the battery started as being deep discharged, otherwise 30 minutes.

This unique method reduces or eliminates the typical Calcium/Calcium stratification problem.

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6 Easy Steps to Change a Battery with a CTEK Comfort Connect

1. Having a CTEK Comfort Connect connected to your battery all the time simplifies normal charging and also makes the battery replacement easy.

2. Connect a CTEK Smarter Charger with Supply Mode to the Comfort Connect and set the Mode to Supply.

3. The battery cables can now be removed. The CTEK charger keeps the electrical system alive.

4. The old battery can now be removed and the new installed.

5. Connect the battery cables. Keep the charger connected at all times.  It is always good for the battery to be fully charged before it is used. If possible, keep the charger on for a few hours.

6. You’re All Done! Keep the Comfort Connect with the protective cap on for future use.

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Small can also be GREAT!

Our VP of Business Development got the following mail from a –definitely now- “CTEK fan” and I really wanted to share it with all people considering charging options or those having doubts about the differences between quality and cheap chargers.

Hi Börje,

As you probably know, I´m a “great fan” of CTEK chargers.

Recently, my Jaguar XJ6 stood unused for 5 weeks.

The battery was completely dead and then I discovered that the battery had frozen and the sides had expanded about 6-7mm on each side.

I got the battery inside (74Ah) into the warmth and I connected my CTEK charger (the smallest model). After 24h the battery “woke up”, 9V!, after 72 hours 12,3V, after 96 hours, 12,8V and after 144 hours it was charged with 14,6V.

After that I reinstalled the battery in the car and let it be until next day.

The engine got going after the first try!

Next day, the same thing, despite being so cold, -10o C.

CTEK saved my battery!

Best regards and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


(Carl Holgersson from Sollentuna, Stockholm)

That is what really makes us proud, being able to solve real battery related problems

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The CTEK MULTI US 25000 Battery Charger Gives Vehicle Enthusiasts the Most Powerful Smarter Charger Yet

CTEK Smarter Charger’s newest charger, the MULTI US 25000, is a fully automatic, primary switch mode battery charger designed to power 12V batteries with a rapid-charge capability ideal for RV’s, boats ATVs or any other heavy-duty electric utility. CTEK has leveraged their innovative technology to harness total Smarter Charger performance into a sleek and simple charging device, rendering the MULTI US 25000 an ideal tool for both commercial business owners and home-garage devotees alike.

The 25000 boasts a signature 8-step charging process to ensure optimal battery powering upon every charge. This in-house patented system synchronizes basic and maintenance charging throughout a fully automatic charge cycle to deliver unparalleled performance in its simplest form. Float capabilities ensure batteries are maintained at full capacity for a 10-days post cycle. After this period, the chargers transition to pulse maintenance; the optimal storage method to enable long-term use and maximum service life.

Beyond the sleek and simple user interface, CTEK Smarter Chargers are powered by cutting-edge technology and performance. The MULTI US 25000 utilizes a patented method for reconditioning sulfated batteries through battery analysis and advanced recovery techniques. The built-in weather sensory system adapts charging voltage to accommodate fluctuating battery temperatures with an operating range of 120°F to ensure effective charging no matter the climate. These robust chargers have achieved an IP44 classification and are fully approved for outdoor use.

Two unique features make the MULTI US 25000 the absolute top of its class: the SUPPLY and RECOND modes. The SUPPLY mode serves as a power supply unit which can run 12V equipment up to 25A while keeping important user settings intact. The unique RECOND mode restores power capacity in a stratified battery to sustain ultimate battery life. Furthermore, the CTEK MULTI US 25000 is specifically designed to support sensitive electronic systems offered by today’s top vehicles. Unlike traditional chargers, there is no need to disconnect the battery or risk damaging complex electronic systems through abrupt changes in power sources.

The most important feature provided by CTEK products is safety. Innovative spark-free technology allows for safe, easy battery connection and complete protection from harmful gas emissions. CTEK MULTI US 25000 batteries also provide protection from reverse polarity connections and potential short-circuiting. Red light indicators provide a clear signal for correct battery connection, a requirement for initiating a charge cycle.

CTEK continues to provide the most reliable and innovative charging products in its class. The new MULTI US 25000 is a powerhouse that provides unrivaled charging and reconditioning abilities and is proven to be the most versatile, long-lasting power resource for all the utilities of your garage.

CTEK Power Inc. designs and develops a unique series of high-tech battery chargers and special solutions for all types of lead-acid batteries for both private and professional use.

To learn more about CTEK Battery Smarter Chargers including the 25000, visit: http://www.SmarterCharger.com.

About CTEK Smarter Charger
CTEK was formed in 1997, and is a sister subsidiary to Creator Teknisk Utveckling AB (a leading consulting firm within design and development) which was formed in 1982. CTEK’s battery knowledge began in 1992, when a leading battery manufacturer hired Creator for research and development of batteries and later for research on a new system of battery chargers. Since its inception, CTEK has gained the reputation of producing the smartest battery chargers in the world. Over the years, CTEK has sold close to three million battery chargers in 60 countries throughout the world. CTEK is also a reliable OEM supplier to many of the world’s most prestigious car and motorcycle manufacturers.

Media Contact:
Matt Ingram
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 330.963.0981

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The Voice of your Battery: the CTEK Comfort Indicator

We know. You don’t speak “battery”, but our CTEK Comfort Indicators do and they want to let you know what is going on with your battery.

It’s hard to tell when your battery needs a boost and often times when you find out it’s too late … your battery has died. The CTEK Comfort Indicator changes all of that.  From now on, you’ll always know when you need to give your battery that extra kick!  Now your battery communicates with you and tells you when it needs maintenance.

Give your battery a voice. Get a Comfort Indicator.

View and download the presentation slides on Slideshare.

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“Toaster” Battery Chargers…BAD. CTEK Smarter Battery Chargers…Good!

If you drive a car you’ve probably been introduced to battery chargers, but did you know that common “trickle chargers” or “toaster chargers” can cause more harm to your battery than good if used incorrectly.

“A trickle charger works by charging your battery at a rate similar to the rate at which it discharges. However, it is possible to cause damage to your battery by leaving it on the charger for too long. While a trickle charger works at a much slower rate than a regular battery charger, they are not designed to be left on a battery indefinitely. Depending on how depleted your battery’s charge is, you may need to leave it on the trickle charger for a few hours or for a day or two. It is important to monitor the battery while it is on the charger and remove it immediately upon receiving a full charge. Otherwise, the battery could be ruined or even catch fire.” – eHow

With a CTEK Smarter Battery Charger the issue of overcharging your battery is much less likely because of CTEK’s smart technology.  A CTEK Smarter Battery Charger monitors whether or not your battery needs more charging.  The charger can be left on as long as you like becuase it knows when to give your battery more juice and when not to.  Also, the desulphation function, that each CTEK Smarter Battery Charger comes equipped with, can extend the life of your current battery 2-3 times that of its normal life because it reconditions.

So the choice is yours.  You could sit around and wait for your battery to charge and make sure to take off your “trickle charger” or “toaster charger” so you don’t damage your battery and so it doesn’t catch fire, or you could use a CTEK Smarter Battery Charger and set it and forget it.

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Never Lie To Your Parents…!: I’m in BIG trouble!!

As part of CTEK’s Smarter Battery Charger Dead Battery Story Contest we are highlighting several of the stories that were submitted over the last few months. Come back and visit our blog to read other great stories and check out our Facebook page to join our community and learn of other contests and events.

I’m in BIG trouble!!

“Ok so I was 15 years old and it was New Years Eve I had stayed out all night with some friends and my boyfriend. Of course my parents knew nothing about the party or the boyfriend being with me. So I get a call early the next day from a friend telling me I better get home that my parents found out where I was and are extremely mad!! So Im a little scared now, I call home and try to (lie) my way out of it, but my dad was not buying it. He told me I had 30 min. to get home or he was coming after me.

So we jump up, clear across town and all pile up in the car to take me home. Uh Oh the car wont start. No way!! We get a jump after 30 min. of searching and head to the nearest Kmart to get a battery, Needless to say It took 2 hours to get the battery, replace it with the old one and get me home. My dad comes running out of the house ready to whoop some You know what!! I was grounded for 6 months!!! Unreal. Wow those were the times.”

Parents always know ….

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