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ATV.com – CTEK US 0.8 12V Battery Charger Review

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Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports Show…Here we come!!!

Are you ready for this year’s Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports Show?  Well we are!  On October 19, 20 & 21 – CTEK will be showing this year and we want you to come visit us!

The Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports Show is all about having FUN and you will be entertained from the minute you walk into the Show. Meet your friends, tell tall tales, reminisce about last season’s best ride, buy a new Toy, book a trip, find the custom sled corner in the OSM booth, watch a snowmobile race or join the thousands of fans on hand to experience the thrill of the Freestyle Show.

No matter what reason you have for attending the ‘World’s Largest Snowmobile and ATV Show, we guarantee it will be worth the drive to get here. More displays featuring snowmobiles, ATVs, clothing, parts, accessories, trailers and more aftermarket Manufacturers and Distributors with more snowmobile and ATV related products on display than ever before.

This is a huge, quality ‘BUYING’ Show. So don’t be shy and step right up to some great savings. Visit any of the Exhibitors represented at the Show as they’re here to cater to you. They want to meet you and talk with you about their special products and services. Also on hand at the Toronto Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports Show is the 25,000 square foot Royal Distributing department store which is the largest exhibitor ever to grace the floors of the Toronto International Centre. We’re proud of this as they build this store every year just for you!

Check out the sponsors below:

Visit the Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports website today to buy tickets and learn more about events that will be happening!

Hope to see you there!

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ATV.com Reviews CTEK MULTI US 3300

ATV.comWe’ve all had those days were all we wanted to do is go ride to escape whatever problems we may have going on in life, to relax, push in that throttle, and experience those much needed moments of peace and freedom that come with riding ATVs. A dead battery in your ATV can smear that painted picture of utopia and imprison your hopes of riding that day. There are a lot of things that can make your battery run dry, like leaving the key on, cold weather, and not maintaining a proper charge.

Visit ATV.com to continue reading this article.

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Snowmobile.com Reviews CTEK MULTI US 3300

Snowmobile.comWe had the opportunity for a ‘hands on’ of CTEK’s Multi US 3300 battery charger. It’s perfectly suited to powersports enthusiasts as it can be used to charge batteries on sleds, ATVs, dirt or street bikes. We only wish we’d come across this product earlier. A couple of these devices would have saved us some money as well as shop space. How’s that you ask? Well, we wouldn’t need the little trickle charger for the pontoon battery, the ‘official’ Harley charger for the road bike, the Sears mini-charger for the ATV or the heavy-duty charger with the ‘quick start’ burst for emergencies. After playing with this device, we feel confident that it would easily keep the battery in our touring sled current. It’s so simple to setup and use. We could easily switch it over to juice our ATV’s battery the night before a snowstorm and have it ready for plowing duties.

Visit Snowmobile.com to continue reading this article.

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Powersports Management Reviews CTEK Battery Charger

Powersports MagazineThe Smartest Battery Charger in the World? That’s the claim of the CTEK Power Inc ., the Cleveland, Ohio based division of CTEK Sweden AB, a manufacturer of high quality battery chargers. Ctek battery chargers are designed to be a very safe, almost fool-proof charging system that works with a variety of batteries, in any condition.


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