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Reviews | CTEK Battery Chargers

Battery Focus: CTEK 'Prevents Problems Before They Happen'
CTEK ABĀ is a Swedish company with a world-wide reputation. They were the first company to pioneer the smart car charger.Since this development, th...

We're #1! (And 2!)

We're #1! (And 2!)
2020 is off to a roaring start for CTEK. Mechanic Base recently published a review and buyers guide of the top 10 Best Car Battery Chargers and we ... CTEK Provides Superior Battery-Charging Performance
Sophisticated and electronically controlled, CTEK battery chargers provide superior battery-charging performance.However, because CTEK offers sever...

Vintage Veloce: Choosing a Car Battery Charger
This is a review and comparison of the CTEK Multi US 7002 and NOCO Genius G7200 battery chargers. Both are chargers for 12V car or truck batteries...


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