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Press Releases

CTEK to Launch CT5 POWERSPORT Charger
CTEK PRESS RELEASE CTEK TO LAUNCH CT5 POWERSPORT CHARGER with dedicated programs for all 12V lead-acid and lithium (12V LiFePO4) battery types CHIC...

CTEK Expands Professional Products to Meet Demands
PRESS RELEASE CTEK EXPANDS PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS TO MEET DEMANDS CHICAGO, IL - With the growing amount of electronic demands put on vehicles (even ...

CTEK Roadtrip Motors Toward SEMA
CTEK is taking the wheel on a road trip with icons as co-pilots and making a few pit stops along the way before reaching their final destination: SEMA 2019 where they will be previewing and launching new products in the Powersport, Pro, DC/DC and EV categories.