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Battery Maintenance for Beginners | You Can and Should Charge Your Vehicle Battery
Battery maintenance has long been a struggle for vehicle owners. Many times, owners don't know their battery needs some TLC before it's too late.

9th Day of CTEK

9th Day of CTEK
Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart, but This Year I’m Giving You a CTEK Charger Maintaining your battery with a smarter charger from CTEK can maxi...

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Battery Protection & Charging on the Farm
When crops need to be harvested or livestock fed, the last thing a busy farmer wants to deal with is a dead battery.  Battery protection needn’t be a chore on the farm, especially when connected to a CTEK smart charger.

Back in 1983, Volkswagen introduced the first production start/stop system with the Polo Formel E that was sold only in Europe. Fast forward to 201...

When using a CTEK Smart Charger for your stored battery or vehicle, you can relax knowing that the battery is being taken care of and it will be ready when you need it. Take care of your battery and it will take care of you!

Today's smartchargers are light years ahead of the battery chargers of yesterday. The MXS 5.0 provides eight steps to care for your battery. The system is fully automatic, all you have to do is connect it and let it do its job. Get the full rundown on this powerhouse of a charger.