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Which Smart Chargers Should Be Used For Emergency Vehicles?
Essential Vehicles Need Smart Chargers With COVID cases increasing this November, and with the tumultuous nature of the times we live in, emergenc...

CTEK Best Of The Best

CTEK Best Of The Best
The Chicago Tribune calls CTEK smart chargers 'the best of the best' in battery car chargers. Read up on what makes these products exceptional.

CTEK Introduces Charger Selection Tool
Finding the perfect CTEK battery charger is easier than ever with CTEK’s Charger Selection Tool. Using your vehicle’s make, model and year, the Charger Selection Tool can pinpoint the exact CTEK charger that will work best for your vehicle.

Five Signs of a Dead or Dying Battery
We've all been there: you go to leave the house or end your workday and your car won't start. Most drivers don't notice the warning signs until the...