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CTEK Accessories Make Car Battery Charging Easier

Take Care of Your Car’s Battery Conveniently and Accurately

April is Car Care Month, and what better way to take care of your car than to ensure that its battery is in top form at all times?  CTEK offers an array of charging accessories that will not only help you take good care of your car but make your life easier as well.  These accessories are built to keep you proactively informed about your battery while making battery charging more accessible.


Built to be one of the easiest ways to monitor the charge in your battery, the CTEK COMFORT CONNECT INDICATOR CIG PLUG gives you an accurate voltage reading for your car’s battery.  After two hours of use, you will get a reading on a lighted display that is right in the interior of your car and readily available to you.  A green reading means that your battery is fully charged.  A yellow indicator indicates that your battery voltage is between 12.4 and 12.65 V. It’s time to consider charging the battery. If the indicator reads red, then the battery voltage is below 12.4 V. It’s definitely time to charge the battery.  Right at your fingertips, this accessory is a must-have for its ease of use.


Using innovative technology, CTEK CTX BATTERY SENSE allows you to “talk” to your battery via your smartphone.  By connecting your battery and downloading the app, you will receive all the information you need about your battery’s state of charge.  It connects via Bluetooth technology so all you need to do is walk up to your vehicle and the app will warn you when you have to charge, well in advance. Be in the know at all times with this valuable tool.


Many vehicles on the market today have batteries that are a bit more difficult to reach.  The CTEK COMFORT CONNECT INDICATOR PANEL provides an easy-to-read indicator once attached to your battery.  Similar to the CTEK CIG PLUG, you will see either a green, yellow, or red reading letting you know the battery’s state of charge.

Add These Accessories to Your CTEK Battery Charging Method For Easy Charging

Make life less stressful and at the same time give your car the care it needs with these accessories from CTEK.  We strive to provide innovative, user-friendly products while still maintaining our best-in-class standards. Using CTEK Accessories, have the confidence of knowing that your car is fully charged and ready to go!