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A CTEK Smarter Charger is a Great Stocking Stuffer

Well, what to buy that guy in your life who seems to have everything? Power drill? Last year.  New pair of boots? That was for his birthday.  If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer that will light up any man’s eyes as bright as the Christmas tree, look no further than a CTEK. But don’t just give a CTEK to the man in your life; we all have car batteries that need charging. Just imagine your little sister’s car running out of juice.  Let’s avoid that travesty this Christmas and get him a stocking stuffer he deserves.


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Best Advice When Buying a New Car Battery

So your old friend needs a new battery.  She’s accompanied you on first dates, job interviews, that post-college road-trip to Florida, and perhaps even driven home your new baby girl.  Don’t you think she deserves a little tender loving care when it comes to buying a new battery for your car?  Here is some advice to follow when buying a new car battery to make sure that trusty companion stays with you for many more adventures in the years to come.

1. First, you should find out what battery you currently have in your car.  You can look in the owner’s manual, or if you’re like the rest of us and are pretty sure you lost the owner’s manual just a few years back, you can also do several things.  You can visit your car dealership, and ask if someone is able to help you identify the battery in your vehicle, or you can head down to your auto shop and ask your guy there.  This is probably not your first trip there, and he’ll probably remember off the top of his head what battery he’s been cleaning for the last few years. (more…)

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2 Wheels 4 Kids: Hot off the Press!

Our good friend, Jack Broomall’s annual 2 month-long “2 Wheels 4 Kids” ride is always something Jack looks forward to.  “Traveling to the four geographic corners of the continental U.S. was a magical experience that did exactly that, blending charity with the enjoyment of 28 days and over 11,000 miles on the road with my R1200GS”

Jack has been featured in the October issue of “BMW Owners News”, the official publication of the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America.

Download the artcle HERE!!

Thanks for doing what you do Jack!

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CTEK NEWS: CTEK Retains Top Spot

CTEK is celebrating after taking home the Auto Express ‘Best Battery Charger’ award for the fourth year running.

Recognized not only for its build quality and charging & maintenance features, but also for its safety and durability, the CTEK MXS 3.6 retained its ‘Best Buy’ crown, with the CTEK MXS 5.0 close behind as ‘Recommended’.

Download CTEK Newsletter June 2012


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2 Wheels 4 Kids, Jack Broomall, is Back!

We recently received an email from our friend, Jack Broomall, who returned home from his 2 Wheels 4 Kids ride.  An amazing ride for such a worthy cause.  Thank you Jack for doing what you do.

Be sure to click on the pics to enlarge.



As you know, just about 48 hours ago I finally returned home at the end of my 2 Wheels 4 Kids ride to the four geographic “corners” of the United States for the benefit of The Austin Hatcher Foundation. In the course of the journey I rode for 28 straight days, covered some 11,478 miles, averaged over 400 miles per day, and visited 32 states. All without incident I might add.  In the course of my month on the road I enjoyed any number of incredible scenic vistas, met new friends, and reconnected with old ones. I can honestly say, however, that the most memorable moments of the trip came during my visits with hospitalized kids. The opportunity to help a child laugh or just “be a kid”, if only for a moment, in the face of devastating illness is an experience for which I have no words. I am also proud to note that the ride has generated just under $7000 in donations to The Austin Hatcher Foundation.  I still hope to exceed that $7000 hurdle in the coming days as (hopefully) a final few donations roll in. (more…)

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CTEK and 2 Wheels 4 Kids are Joining the Fight Against Pediatric Cancer

CTEK and 2 Wheels 4 Kids has joined forces to support the Austin Hatcher Foundation in their fight against pediatric cancer.  Jack Broomall has been a driving force (literately) in making an extraordinary effort to help support the Austin Hatcher Foundation.  Be sure and read his story below to learn more about his journey all over the continental United States for a worthy cause.


A Transcontinental Ride for Charity

The temperature was hovering around 30 degrees. It was just about noon. I had been riding under leaden skies in increasingly heavy rain throughout the morning. Now the unmistakable patter of ice pellets on my visor confirmed the transition from frigid rain to sleet. I was some 700 hundred miles northwest of Edmonton, on the Alaska Highway. The empty road had been climbing ever upward through British Columbia’s Stone Mountain Provincial Park. On a nicer day, this would have been one of the most ruggedly beautiful portions of the Alaska Highway. Today was not that day. Soon I would reach Summit Pass, the highest point on the highway as it makes its way through the Canadian Rockies.  A swirling wind whipped the freezing rain down from the barren peaks nearby. Incredibly, my heated vest, which I counted on for conditions such as these, had failed one day earlier. The greatest challenge, however, was visibility. If I cracked open my visor I was instantly deluged. Conversely, if I shut the visor it was immediately fogged by my steamy breath.

Keep reading Jack Broomall’s article –> Full Story

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Spring is Just Around The Corner! CTEK Fans, Have Any Exciting Trips Planned?

We asked our CTEK fans on our Facebook page, if they had any trips planned for the upcoming spring season.  It’s almost time to start up the bike and turn down the top on that convertible again.  Start charging your batteries and tuning your engines, it’s going to be a beautiful spring season in 2012.


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Monsters on a Mission: A WOW Story!


What away to start out a testimonial letter, but that’s what is WOW!

Monsters on a Mission
have been fortunate to be able to use, Kinetik batteries and CTEK battery chargers for a few years, with absolute perfection with both products.  We have put these two products through more punishment in one weekend than most will do in a life time.

A brief description of Monsters on a Mission, we are a faith biased monster truck team with five monster trucks need I say more about normal wear and tear, ok I will.  Our trucks weight 10,000 lbs, have 1200-1400 horse power blown and injected methanol motors, the speed 0 to 60 is 2.2 seconds, but here is the big one “can jump 30 feet in a blink of an eye”. A 10,000 lb truck constantly jumping, landing, and pounding these incredible products. (more…)

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A Test of the Best Battery Chargers

Our test partner GTÜ is known to many as a testing organization for vehicle inspection. Like the TÜV, Dekra and KÜS, they can supply the legally required external inspection sticker for cars, trailers and motorcycles.

Does this sound familiar? You turn the ignition key and nothing happens. Is it the battery? They are supposed to last for at least four years but many already go flat during the second winter. The reason is too many short trips; something that no battery can put up with for a long time. One alternative is recharging from your domestic power supply.

Together with the technical inspection organization GTÜ (Gesellschaft für Technische Überwachung), we tested eight reasonably-priced battery chargers, all of which cost less than 100 Euro. The overall winner (CTEK MXS 5.0 made by Kunzer) costs 79.95 euro. This battery-charging device achieved 452 of a possible 500 points, while the Cartrend 6A lagged far behind with just 158 points (26.99 Euro). An important aspect discovered by the GTÜ testers: price alone is not decisive for the quality of a battery charger, but you should be prepared to invest a few euro more.

Download the rest of the article


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Never Lie To Your Parents…!: I’m in BIG trouble!!

As part of CTEK’s Smarter Battery Charger Dead Battery Story Contest we are highlighting several of the stories that were submitted over the last few months. Come back and visit our blog to read other great stories and check out our Facebook page to join our community and learn of other contests and events.

I’m in BIG trouble!!

“Ok so I was 15 years old and it was New Years Eve I had stayed out all night with some friends and my boyfriend. Of course my parents knew nothing about the party or the boyfriend being with me. So I get a call early the next day from a friend telling me I better get home that my parents found out where I was and are extremely mad!! So Im a little scared now, I call home and try to (lie) my way out of it, but my dad was not buying it. He told me I had 30 min. to get home or he was coming after me.

So we jump up, clear across town and all pile up in the car to take me home. Uh Oh the car wont start. No way!! We get a jump after 30 min. of searching and head to the nearest Kmart to get a battery, Needless to say It took 2 hours to get the battery, replace it with the old one and get me home. My dad comes running out of the house ready to whoop some You know what!! I was grounded for 6 months!!! Unreal. Wow those were the times.”

Parents always know ….

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